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Coastal Castles, World Heritage Site Tours

2022 dates to be announced soon

Castle day trips available all year round


  • Open to paddlers over 18 years only

  • Arrive Conwy on the eve prior to the trip. Meet in Conwy on the first morning 

  • 3 days sea kayaking; journeying from Harlech to Criccieth Castle, Caernarfon to Beaumaris and Beaumaris to Conwy Castle 

  • Suitable for intermediate kayakers with experience of paddling in winds up Beaufort Force 3-4 and a distance up to 20km a day Some experience of paddling in tidal flows is advisable

  • Price £295 per person (price excludes accommodation, castle entry and food)

  • Complimentary shuttle journeys from Conwy to Harlech and Criccieth to Caernarfon.

  • Contact us for availability and dates

Trip Information


The castles and town walls of King Edward in Gwynedd are collectively a World Heritage Site (WHS). The four castles that make up the WHS are Conwy, Harlech, Caernarfon and Beaumaris. They are a WHS due to their military architectural significance and are strategically situated around the coast of North West Wales. The sea would have been an important means of transport and communication during the Medieval time they were built.


During this trip we challenge you to link the castles by sea and in so doing take a step back in time to experience these castles and approach these castles from a coastal vantage point. Due to the length of coastline with no castles around the Llŷn Peninsula and the committing nature of the headland we will shuttle you and your kayaks from Criccieth to Caernarfon.


This trip offers a range of sea kayaking conditions including areas with tidal flow and a short open crossing. These will form part of the challenge for the intermediate paddler. But rest assured we have planned the trip to make use of the tide so it will be to our advantage. Time is built into the schedule to allow you to visit each of the castles we visit en route. During the journey you will enjoy stunning views of the mountains of Snowdonia and the hills of the Llŷn Peninsula.

Given the unpredictability of the weather we plan to commence the journey at Harlech and finish at Conwy, however, if the weather conditions dictate we may need to reverse or amend this plan. 

This trip will be led by Anita Daimond who has previous experience of interpreting the Castles and Town Walls of King Edward of Gwynedd she is also familiar with the geomorphological changes that have changed the landscape around the castles since their construction. She will support you to extend your interest and knowledge to the extent that suits you during your trip.

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1. Accommodation fees are not included in the cost. We recommend booking accommodation in or near Conwy on the night before the trip and the night at the end of the trip if you do not live locally.
2. Accommodation during the trip could be camping or indoors. Please discuss your preference when booking

3. Recommendations for accommodation bookings during the trip will be made shortly before the trip commences due to weather considerations.

Castle entry fees

We recommend purchasing an explorer pass from Cadw (prices start at £22 single adult) which will reduce the cost of visiting the castles. More information will be provided when booking.


Booking Information

  • Kayak and equipment hire is available - please contact us in advance to discuss your needs

  • Early Booking recommended.

  • To book please contact us by email or using the contact form on the contact page. A 25% deposit is required to secure booking.

Outline possible schedule - will be adapted in light of tidal currents, sea conditions and weather  

Day 0: Arrive in Conwy if you are travelling from somewhere else(and visit Conwy castle if you wish)

Day 1: Team briefing in Conwy early in the morning. Journey to Harlech and visit the castle. Kayak to Criccieth and visit the castle.  Shuttle to Caernarfon.

Day 2: Visit Caernarfon Castle, kayak to Beaumaris 

Day 3: Visit Beaumaris castle, kayak to Conwy

Day 4: Visit Conwy castle if you arrived to late on Day 0

N.B This schedule may change due to the weather conditions. Please be ready to be flexible regarding the trip itinerary.

morning light on Criccieth Castle and Pe
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