Intermediate Trips

These guided kayak trips are designed to enable intermediate sea kayakers to make the most of their time on the water. Each trip has a different focus which may be wildlife, history, geology or a combination of these. They are suitable for adults, older people and accompanied young people aged 16 or over who have a moderate level of kayaking fitness. As Anglesey and the Llŷn Peninsula have some of the most challenging tidal conditions in the UK, your guide has the tidal knowledge to select appropriate locations for you to paddle. They can also interpret the local wildlife, history, folklore and landforms. The exact venue we will visit on each trip will be selected based on tidal and weather conditions combined with the ability and interest of the group. Located within reach of two Areas of Outstanding National Beauty we have plenty of fantastic sites to choose from.

Intermediate Ability Level: 

Confident paddling in a straight line and turning using a variety of strokes on flat water and light winds. Has practised capsizing a kayak outdoors. Has been on more than 5 kayak trips on flat water. Have started to learn to roll their kayak and undertaken some rescue training.

Below are this years trips that you can book on right now ...

Life on a Ledge, 2 day
By the end of these 2 days you will have kayaked to some impressive cliffs with plenty of nesting seabirds. We should see guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and perhaps a peregrine. Depending on where the weather allows us to go we may see puffins.
Dates: June 9th/10th, 11th/12th. More dates next year. Contact us for details.
Explore Môr
This 1 day guided trip is aimed at people who have already attended a 2 day course with Sea Môr Kayaking or who are intermediate kayakers. This day could be added onto the end of the Contorted Cliffs to make a full bank holiday weekend of kayaking.
We will tailor this trip to the interest of the participants. If weather conditions are suitable we can explore cliffs, rocky coastlines or journey to a monument. A more sheltered option could be a section of the Menai Straits.
Date: Contact us
Migrants and Monuments, 1 or 2 day
By the end of these 1 or 2 days you will have kayaked to a coastal monument. Options could include St Cwyfan’s Church, Llanddwyn Lighthouse or Penmon depending on the wind direction. On the way you will also see the spectacle of sea birds coming and going from the cliffs.
Dates:June 24th. £95/£185
Contorted cliffs, 2 day
By the end of these 2 days you will have journeyed to and along some impressive cliffs. Depending on the wind direction we should see severely contorted rock formations and/or erosional rock features such as caves and arches. We should also see the spectacle of sea birds coming and going from the cliffs.
Dates: July 30th/31st. £185
Landmarks and Legends, 1, 2 or 3 day
By the end of these days you will have journeyed on the sea to places of historic or legendary interest. We will share the stories associated with the landmarks and see wildlife and places of interest en route. With a range of interesting places to chose from we will select the best option for the day based on your interest, the weather and the ability of the group.
Dates: August 23/24/25th (pick 1, 2 or 3 days) £95/day (£270 for 3)
September 12th/13th. £185
Seabirds and Seals at Sea, 2 day
By the end of this two days, you will have undertaken a journeys on the sea to areas where we should see inquisitive seals swimming in the sea nearby. You will also see many sea birds preparing to nest. With a variety of venues to chose from we will select according to the weather conditions.
Dates: next dates in 2019
Bespoke trips available
Contact us to arrange a bespoke trip. We can cater for a wide range of groups including women only, older people, clubs, families, friendship groups and so on.
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