Intermediate Trips

Below are details of this years' trips that you can book on right now ...

Each trip has a different focus which may be wildlife, history, geology or a combination of these and can be adapted to suit you.  They are suitable for adults, older people and accompanied young people aged 16 or over who have a moderate level of kayaking fitness. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and interests.

Located within reach of two Areas of Outstanding National Beauty we have plenty of fantastic sites to choose from. Anglesey and the Llŷn Peninsula have some of the most challenging tidal conditions in the UK, your guide has the tidal knowledge to select appropriate locations for you to paddle. They can also interpret the local wildlife, history, folklore and landforms.  The exact venue we will visit on each trip will be selected based on tidal and weather conditions combined with the ability and interest of the group. See the themed trips below to find out more about some of the types of experience we offer. 

Availability: We currently have 2021 availability for 

  • Scilly Isles April 15th - 21st

  • Llŷn Peninsula May 8th-9th

  • Anglesey  Sea birds May 15th-16th 

  • West Coast of Scotland May 24th - 28th

  • Llŷn Peninsula June 7th - 11th 

  • Llŷn Peninsula June 12th-13th

  • Anglesey  Sea birds June 19th-20th

  • Llŷn Peninsula July 3rd-4th

Intermediate Ability Level: 

Confident paddling in a straight line and turning using a variety of strokes on flat water and light winds. Has practised capsizing a kayak outdoors. Has been on more than 5 kayak trips on flat water. Have started to learn to roll their kayak and undertaken some rescue training.


Life on a Ledge 3.jpg

Life on a Ledge: nesting seabirds trip

April - July

We will journey to some impressive cliffs with plenty of nesting seabirds. We should see guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and perhaps a peregrines and puffins. They will be flying above us, floating on the water near us and perched on the nearby cliffs. A totally immersive experience.


(Two day courses from £170 /person.  Prices do not include kayak hire)

2021 Availability​

Contact us for availability.

Anglesey Sea birds May 15th-16th 

Anglesey Sea birds June 19th-20th



seashore safari.jpg

Seashore Safari: exploring rocky shore wildlife 

All year round

We will journey to see a variety of shore life including colourful seaweeds, whelks and periwinkles. We will probably also find shrimps, fish, anemones and crabs. We will make use of the low tide to explore rocky shore communities that are usually underwater as we explore the coastline in our kayaks. 

2020 Availability​

Aug: 12th-17th, 25th - 31st

Sept: 24th - 27th

Oct: 10th - 14th, 24th-29th

Contact us for additional availability 



migrants and monuments.jpg

Migrants and Monuments; birds & historical sites

All year round

We will journey by kayak to a coastal monument. Options could include St Cwyfan’s Church, an Anglesey Lighthouse or an offshore island depending on the wind direction and the sea state. You will see migratory sea birds along the way and possibly nesting at the monument depending on the time of year.

Available on most dates throughout the year please contact us for availability for dates you have in mind.



Seabirds and Seals at Sea1.jpg

Seabirds and Seals at Sea

All year round

We will journey along the coastline aiming to take in popular spots for seals to haul up on the beaches and rocks. These areas are often popular with a range of seabirds including Shags, Cormorants, Oystercatchers and seasonal visitors such as Purple Sandpipers and Turnstones in winter or Razorbills and Guillemots in spring.

2021 Availability

Contact us for availability 



contorted cliffs.jpg

Contorted Cliffs

All year round

We will journey to and along impressive cliffs marvelling at the contorted bedding planes. along the way we will weave in and out of the jagged cliffs exploring caves as we go. With a range of aspects available on Anglesey we can choose to explore a stretch of coast protected from the swell maximising maximising safety whilst getting close to the cliffs.

2021 Availability


Contact us for  availability 



landmarks and legends.jpg

Landmarks and Legends

All year round

We will journey to explore some iconic landmarks such as Menai Bridge, Nant Gwrtheyrn Village or one of the Anglesey lighthouses.


We will entertain you with tales of heros, notable characters and high achievers along the way. We will share stories that originate in Welsh folklore linked to the coastline we explore.

Available on most dates please contact us for availability. 



* Price per person based on a group size of 4. Group discounts may be available. Please contact us for a quote based on your needs. Kayak hire available, contact us for details and prices.

 We can mix and match trips to provide you a varied programme of trips for the duration of your stay.