Wildlife Trips


Sea Môr Kayaking offer seasonally tailored led guided wildlife tours from a sea kayak. We draw on both our local kayaking and wildlife knowledge to find the best spots for you to see seasonal wildlife from the sea. Journeying by sea kayak allows us to explore cliffs not accessible from land or by bigger and powered water craft to give you a unique and immersive wildlife experience.  We encourage a quiet careful approach to observing the wildlife to ensure minimal disturbance.  We help with identification and provide information on ecology to match your interests and levels of prior knowledge.

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Seabirds and Seals at Sea

All year round

We will journey along the coastline aiming to take in popular spots for seals to haul up on the beaches and rocks. These areas are often popular with a range of seabirds including Shags, Cormorants, Oystercatchers and seasonal visitors such as Purple Sandpipers and Turnstones in winter or Razorbills and Guillemots in spring.

2020 Availability

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Life on a Ledge 3.jpg

Life on a Ledge

Available April to July

We will journey to some impressive cliffs with plenty of nesting seabirds. We should see guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and perhaps a peregrines and puffins. They will be flying above us, floating on the water near us and perched on the nearby cliffs. A totally immersive experience.

2021 Availability

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Seashore Safari

All year round

We will journey to see a variety of shore life including colourful seaweeds, whelks and periwinkles. We will probably also find shrimps, fish, anemones and crabs. We will make use of the low tide to explore rocky shore communities that are usually underwater as we explore the coastline in our kayaks. 

2020 Availability

July: 17th, 18th, 27th - 31st

Aug: 12th-17th, 25th - 31st

Sept:14th, 24th - 27th

Oct: 10th - 14th, 24th-29th

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* Price based on minimum group size of 4 able to provide their own equipment. Please contact us for a quote based on your needs.