Sea Kayak Coaching


Sea Môr Kayaking offer sea kayak coaching in North Wales as well as other areas of the UK and abroad. We offer coaching opportunities suitable for those just starting out on their sea kayaking learning journey to seasoned sea kayakers looking to hone their skills in a range of more challenging conditions.

We can also offer introductory coaching in enclosed cockpit kayaks, sit on kayaks, canoes and SUP's. Please contact us to arrange bespoke coaching experiences for individuals and small groups. 

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Sea Kayak Coaching dates 2022​​

Building confidence in dynamic water 18th/19th June

Want to build your confidence and skills in dynamic environments on the sea? We will develop your sea kayak handling skills and apply them in appropriate environments which could include rock hopping, tidal flows or waves. You will need to be comfortable in your sea kayak in light winds and flat conditions and have a willingness to develop your skills in more dynamic conditions.

Anita’s coaching at the Essential Womens Sea Kayak Festival Anglesey 22-24th July

This event is ideal for female sea kayakers keen to develop their skills and confidence in dynamic conditions and enjoy the beautiful coastline of Anglesey. These events are really good opportunities to share solutions to the additional challenges we as female paddlers often have.  Join in and be inspired.


Sea kayak coaching

Available February to November 

Please contact us to arrange a bespoke coaching session for individuals and small groups. Anita is an experienced coach qualified to coach in advanced conditions. 


Anita has coached at these kayaking festivals:

Scottish Womens Paddle Symposium 2019

Kayak Essentials Womens Weekend Anglesey 2019/2021

Women's Sea Kayak Festival South Devon 2019/2021



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Paddlesport coaching

Available Available March to November

Please contact us to arrange a bespoke coaching for individuals and small groups.

New to paddlesport and want to try out a range of different types of paddlecraft? We can offer introductory kayak (enclosed cockpit and sit on tops), canoe and SUP coaching. 

Younger families may also be interested in our family fun days which give everyone a chance to have a go in a range of paddlecraft.



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Open Canoe Coaching

Available February to November

Please contact us to arrange a bespoke canoe coaching session or guided trip.


We can offer coaching progression from beginner to the new Canoe Award for both solo and tandem canoeists.


We can also offer guided canoe trips in North Wales and the Welsh borders. 



* Price based on minimum group size. Please contact us for a quote based on your needs 

** Price based on a half-day session off-peak as part of a small group in Llanberis