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Seabirds and Seals at Sea: sea kayak guided trips to see coastal wildlife 


  • Available all year round  - enquire for availability

  • Day trips to venues in North West Wales


These trips are now offered by Anita through Antur Natur please go to

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Further Information


The coast of Anglesey, the Llŷn Peninsula and the Great and Little Orme's near Llandudno are some of the finest places in Europe to see sea-birds such as Fulmars, Cormorants, Shags, Black-backed Gulls and seasonal migrants. Birds such as cormorants and shags can be seen perched on rocks and islands drying their wings after diving for fish.


Winter migrants such as Turnstones and Purple Sandpiper can be seen scuttling around on the rocks as they feed. As sea kayakers we are comparatively quiet and can manoeuvre close to rocky sections of coastline which means we often have really good views of these birds. In early summer we can see and hear both beach and cliff nesting birds from our sea kayaks.

Grey seals favour areas of rocky coastline and small beaches which a generally inaccessible on foot. In our kayaks we can journey to these sites and enjoy seeing seals both hauled up on land. In some places they will come and investigate us as we journey by.

We maintain a careful distance from the cliffs that ensures minimal disturbance and an optimal wildlife experience. Particular care needs to be taken not to disturb young seal pups. 

Other birds we may see are puffins, turns, black guillemots, choughs and manx shearwaters depending on the area we kayak and the time of year. 

The exact kayaking venue will be determined by the weather and the ability of the group. We can provide led trips, coaching or a mixture of both during the day. Please let us know your experience when you book to help us plan accordingly.

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